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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

In a magnetic field the force is always at right angles to the motion of the electron and so the resulting path of the electron is helical or a spiral.


Helical Dreams is a live art installation; a collaboration between HH Art Spaces from Goa and Art Attack from Lisbon. Every evening audiences will get immersed into their spiral of dreams and illusions while evoking the desert, its vastness, its mysteries, its ghosts and its gods.


The piece is about discovering a hidden place, a mystery space, lost in the festival. The mystery tent is a suite of improvised actions, drawings, dance, light projections and sound; constantly being created and manipulated in real time to create an immersive, transformative and elevated experience. The development of meanings and relations between the tent, artists and audience will be created in the moment as different artistic languages blend and collide.


9pm – midnight Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Bedouin Village

The Artists:

Violeta Lisboa
Having mastered the craft of corporeal mime she set out to mixing it up with her love of planets, frequencies and the visual arts to animate her stories through characters that inhabit sets. For the last 3 years she’s been curator for the theater area at Forte Festival in Portugal.

Joao Rapozo
A multifaceted visual artist who likes to integrate various techniques in his work, from graphic design to illustration, from scenic video to paint with light, from interactive installations to video art for live music shows, from painting to music. Rapozo has a characteristic feature in his work; his pieces show an apparent simplicity but “hide” several levels and layers of readings and interpretations, either by the details or by the new meanings that he embeds to his pieces.

Nikhil Chopra
His artistic practice ranges between live art, theatre, painting, photography, sculpture and installations. Chopra has been performing and exhibiting actively in the international art and theater scene since 2008 that include the Venice Biennale, Kochi Biennale, Yokohama Triennale, Manchester International Festival and Singapore International Festival of Art.

Romain Loustau
His universe is a mosaic of disturbing reality, critical approach on our time and condition, poetry, and humour. Romain studied drama and spent a few years acting on stage and on camera. In 2014, Romain Loustau founded HH Art Spaces Foundation along with artists Nikhil Chopra and Madhavi Gore.

Shivani Gupta
Her practice and primary artistic interest in photography is underscored by performances staged for the camera, as well as by the documentation of live art. Trained classically in the Indian dance form Mohiniattam, she tends to privilege the visual over the performative. Shivani explores the incorporation of storytelling through performing represented events, while at the same time abstracting the presentation with a stylised use of space through photography and the landscape.

Munir Kabani
The slowing down of time to free the body in space-time is at the core of Munir’s work. Through his practice, he is interested in examining the idea of the ‘self ‘; the role of the mind and memory, genetic and social conditioning – our foundational belief structures which shape our world view and the influence of our immediate environment. Coming from a background of photography his work now spans the medium of video and installation.

Avian D’Souza
A visual artist with a background in industrial design. His works focuses on the story telling of history, culture, myths, and theological beliefs in comparison to the current time. He explores this primarily through drawings and other mediums, such as sound, video, animation, costume, and performance.


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