Festival of
Music & Arts

Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

Not to be missed


The palace garden is where birds discover their voice and tired bodies a new energy.

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The Jameson Underground

Down in the dungeons...

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Magnetic Feasts

Communal long table feasts – intimate Indian culinary experiences.

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Saavn Sundowner

Watching dusk fall over the desert, the setting sun would have never felt this warm.

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Magnetic Words

An intimate & inspiring space where storytelling takes centre stage.

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Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor make their annual visit to Alsisar to host our Saturday night afterparty.

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Ghost Signal

Find yourself in the middle of a dangerous mission, pitted against other players...

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The Pianoman

The Pianoman returns for one night only.

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Flesh (A/V) By Aqua Dominatrix & Moebius

A dark-techno labyrinth inspired by the myth of 'Surpanakha'.

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The Puqaar Stage

A showcase featuring the vibrant folk music of Rajasthan.

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Exit Records

Exit Records showcase with revered drum and bass producer dBridge & SP:MC.

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Stories From Down Under: VR showcase

A showcase of cutting-edge immersive entertainment from Australia.

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Natural Selection

A project that collapses the gap between classical and electronic music.

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A celebration of diversity, choice, equality and love.

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Boxout.fm presents sounds and styles that champion underground culture.

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The last night on earth with Peter Cat Recording Co.

A special showcase exclusive to Magnetic Fields' Peacock Club.

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BFR Sound System

BFR Sound System returns once again to rumble the desert sand of Alsisar.

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January 5, 1918 : I heard it over the airwaves... the nomads are on their way, I can hear the beat of the drum.