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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

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Communal long table feasts – intimate Indian culinary experiences

Presented by Gather & Eat by Anisa Nariman & hosted by Abhimanyu Singh Alsisar

On Saturday and Sunday afternoon, we’re hosting two magnificent feasts for 20 people as a long table communal experience. Come and dine like a royal in the exquisite hand-painted turquoise room and eat five courses of traditional Indian cuisine steeped in history and technique.

“This isn’t just a lunch it’s a royal feast. Every detail counts in creating that fantasy.”

The style of cooking will incorporate traditional techniques like: chullah (earthen drive), dungar (smoke) and sula (over coal). During the 5-course brunch you will learn about dining traditions, cooking techniques and the origins of iconic Rajasthani family dishes.

Diners will be encouraged to eat with their hands as according to Vedic wisdom, the hands are the most precious organs of action. Feeling your food becomes a way of signaling to the stomach that you are about to eat. Your senses become heightened as you are more conscious of the taste, textures and aromas.

Choose from either our hunter menu (non veg) or our gatherer menu (veg). Please note that for this edition of Magnetic Feasts we are unable to account for special dietary requirements.

Saturday brunch 1pm – 3pm
Sunday brunch 1pm – 3pm

Price per head Rs 4,000 + GST and can be purchased here

The five courses come with complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
To purchase a seat at Magnetic Feasts head here.
Please note that all items are non-refundable.

Sample menus below (please note this will vary from what will be served on the day)

Keema Stuffed Chilly – Besan Beer Batter Fried W/ Khatta Meetha Tamatar Chutney

Lasooni Murg Ka Sula – Chicken Marinated in Traditional Garlic Chutney Cooked over Charcoal w/ Missi Roti & Mooli Laccha Salad Dressed in a Buttermilk Reduction

Jungle Maas Khicchdi W/ Hari Mirch Ke Tipore & Crispy Ker Sangri

Dessert: Shareefa (Custard Apple) Ka Kheer //// Lal Gajjar Ka Halwa – Halwa Of Red Winter Carrots

Mini Pyaaz Kacchori Topped W/ Mooli Laccha Salad

Bajra & Hara Moong Ki Khicchdi. Smoked Gowar Phalli & Mangodi Ki Subzi W/ A Dollop Of Garlic Yoghurt

Dahi Kofta Curry W/ Khoba Roti

Dessert: Shareefa (Custard Apple) Ka Kheer //// Lal Gajjar Ka Halwa – Halwa Of Red Winter Carrots

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